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FAC Documents:
  • FAC Position Papers and Statements on
          * Diversity
          * Assessment of Learning in Higher Education
          * Student Debt - - An Impending Crisis
          * College Student Mental Health - - A Crisis Underway
          * New Standards for Teachers in a P-20 Education System
          * Eight Theses on Higher Education in Illinois
          * General Education and the Illinois Articulation Initiative
          * Online Education and Technology-Enhanced Instruction
          * Part-time Faculty
          * Shared Governance
          * FAC Presentation to the IBHE (April 1, 2008)

Higher Education:
  • Documents from the College Board
          * Trends in Student Aid
          * Trends in College Pricing
          * Trends in Education - - Education Pays (2010) (web site)
                - Full Document (PDF)
                - Summary (PDF)
                - Presentation (PDF)
  • Documents and Articles by Prof. Walter McMahon
          * The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education
          * Bachelor’s and Short Degrees in the UK and US: New Social Rates of Return and Non-Market Effects on 
            Development (co-authored by Moses Oketch)
          * Education, Democratization, Political Stability, and Growth